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Achilles Building Confidence

Achilles Building Confidence

What is the Achilles Building Confidence Scheme?

Achilles Building Confidence is a supplier pre-qualification and accreditation service developed and managed by Achilles for the UK Construction Industry. The scheme requires suppliers to all building sectors to define their management processes in terms of documented management systems and more importantly to be able to demonstrate to an impartial external auditor that these are not just paper processes.  

The auditing process determines whether a company actually carries out its stated procedures.  As with so many other industries, confidence building is becoming imperative, along with the need to adhere to the standards of:

Benefits of Successful Achilles Building Confidence Registration

For all participants in any major scheme, from client to contractors and suppliers, the benefits come down to improved confidence building, that is derived from:

  • Improved supply chain performance for suppliers, contractors and clients
  • Improved, audited knowledge of key contractors’ and suppliers’ performance
  • Documented evidence of corporate social responsibility in the supply chain
  • Documented evidence of compliance with CDM and other building sectors regulation

S&C Safety Compliance Ltd has specialised in the development, management and enhancement of business management systems to meet:

ISO 9001 requirements (2015) for Quality Management systems,

ISO 14001 requirements  (2015): for Environmental Management systems,

BS OHSAS ISO 18001 (2007): for Health and Safety Management systems, for a period of more than 20 years.

S&C Safety Compliance Ltd also has experience of successfully preparing companies for the Achilles Building Confidence audit and assisting company managers in the process to ensure that maximum scores can be achieved as a result, with the minimum of disruption to existing workflow.

Whether you are seeking to have your management systems formally registered with a UKAS Accredited 3rd Party Certification Body, or simply need the required systems in place to meet your own confidence building requirements, S&C Safety Compliance Ltd has the experience and expertise to assist you in achieving your goals.

Contact S&C Safety Compliance Ltd  without delay and capitalise on our expertise to reduce the stress, uncertainty and costs of Achilles Building Confidence registration.