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Competent Person Service

competent person

Our competent person service will manage health and safety compliance on your behalf, allowing you to focus your time and effort on running and managing your business.

Available Services:

  • Telephone and email advice and support;
  • Initial review of your health and safety policy and procedures;
  • Advise / consult clients on developing / revising their safety policy;
  • Develop management systems unique to your company
  • Work with clients employees to change cultures and procedures around health and safety in the workplace
  • Complete regular site inspections and document inspections to ensure complete safety
  • Frequent audits of the business to make sure staff are compliant and have an understanding of the workplace H&S procedures
  • Provide monthly, quarterly and annual health and safety statistics/reports for management and board meetings;
  • Undertake accident/incident investigations and provide independent investigation reports
  • Develop, implement H&S climate/cultural survey, produce a report of the findings and assist in the development of annual H&S improvement plan
  • Designate S & C Safety Compliance as your competent health and safety advisor and use our names on tenders and/or PQQ’s
  • H&S assistance with tenders, PQQ’s and accreditation to health and safety schemes
  • Site Inspections
  • Lifting Accessories (chains, shackles, eyebolts etc.) statutory inspections and certification
  • Personal Fall Protection Equipment (Climbing and fall arrest equipment) statutory inspections and certification
  • Fire Services i.e. fire risk assessments, installation and inspection of fire extinguishers
  • PAT Testing
  • In-house health and safety training

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