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Personal Fall Protective Equipment (PFPE) Inspections

Personal Fall Protective Equipment (PFPE) Inspections2All PFPE is tested to BS EN 365:2004. Personal Fall Protective equipment should ideally be visually inspected every 6 months, and fully inspected and certified every 12 months, remembering that each piece of PFPE has a life span. Once out of their life span, PFPE needs to be replaced to ensure anybody using the equipment remains safe. A PFPE register should be in place for all equipment, and readily available for any operative to inspect.

S & C Safety Compliance inspect, test and certify all manufacturers PFPE kit including inertia reels, fall arrest blocks, harnesses and lanyards, davits, winches, stretchers and rescue equipment, and can manage your fall arrest assets for you.

Apart from the legal requirement to have documented evidence of PFPE compliancy, we recommend that all PFPE kit is visually inspected looking out for any signs of the following:

What to look for:

  • Tears and cuts to webbing
  • Excessive wear of webbing or any other parts
  • Weakening of load bearing parts
  • Broken stitching
  • Ensure PPE kit is clean, as dangers may existing under excessive dirt
  • Heat or chemical damage
  • Rusting or damage to fastenings and buckles

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