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Network Rail Suppliers and Contractors Need RISQS Accreditation

For existing and hopeful Network Rail suppliers, RISQS is the UK rail industry’s supplier accreditation and registration scheme. RISQS is the first stage in qualification for all types of business relationships within the rail industry: whether your company supplies corporate goods or services, critical engineering products & services, or even major civil projects. No accreditation means you cannot access this potentially lucrative market.

Thanks to Sean Rintoul’s extensive roots in the railway industry, S&C Safety Compliance Ltd has a genuine wealth of experience in developing and implementing business management systems that enable companies to meet the requirements of the RISQS accreditation process and become RISQS Approved.  

With Sean’s roots in the railways (so to speak) and his long running experience as a RISQS Licensed Auditor and acting as head of compliance for a number of rail companies, S&C Safety Compliance Ltd are in a better position than most to understand the requirements for RISQS accreditation as they apply specifically to your business!

RISQS assistance delivered by S&C Safety Compliance Ltd, smooths your organisation’s path through registration on to the RISQS scheme. Many companies have been glad of our support in carrying out a pre-audit visit to help establish that the level of systems and processes your organisation has in place, are sufficient to achieve successful RISQS accreditation.

Potential Benefits of Link Up Accreditation for Network Rail Suppliers

Becoming RISQS approved makes your qualification as a potential supplier to Network Rail and or LUL and Merseyrail, in the UK rail sector much more efficient by:

  • Substantial cost savings accrue through the single process for qualifying suppliers across the entire sector;
  • Ensures a company’s compliance with Railway Group Standards, EC Procurement Legislation and Network Rail’s own Licensing Process and LUL / Merseyrail requirements;
  • Access to the Achilles Railportal online community for buyers and suppliers belonging to the rail and LUL sector
  • Link-up takes care of many of the administrative tasks for qualification of Network Rail / LUL suppliers
  • Transparent competition through the database of UK and international suppliers currently involved with the rail industry
  • Transparent, fair, open and audited supplier qualification processes
  • Reduced tendering timescales through RISQS which avoids the need to publish a “call for competition” notices in the OJEU

RISQS Assistance Available From S&C Safety Compliance Ltd

Our experience includes development and implementation of systems which allow interested Network Rail, LUL and Merseyrail suppliers and their management teams to meet the requirements of:

  • Supplier Qualification – Core Requirements
  • Principal Contractor – Licensing Requirements
  • Development of procedures and processes
  • On-going audit and monitoring of systems
  • Consultancy assistance in achieving Link-up qualification
  • Management of the audit process for organisations with insufficient internal resources

With our wealth of experience in supporting management teams to become RISQS approved; your company can save a wealth of time and stress by using our hard-won lessons to give you the RISQS assistance that will smooth your path to inclusion in the database of Network Rail, LUL and/or Merseyrail suppliers in the UK rail industry.

Pick up the phone now, or go through to our Contact Us page and call or email to find out how we can help your company get their foot in the door of that select group of Network Rail, LUL and/or Merseyrail suppliers.