Fleet Operations Recognition Scheme (FORS)

We have many years’ experience assisting companies to develop and implement robust management systems to obtain and retain Fleet Operations Recognition Scheme (FORS) accreditation.

We will guarantee your management system (policies and procedures) are fully compliant with FORS requirements and will pass third party certification.

Improve your operations

FORS training and accreditation from Bronze through to Gold will progressively drive more efficiencies across your business, making you safer, smarter and greener, delivering cost savings and increasing revenues. FORS will also help you develop and improve your road transport and CSR policies. With our support on developing and implementing FORS, we can help you introduce or enhance a health and safety culture within your company, providing the tools that can help.

Boost customer retention

Your existing customers will see that you’re committed to continual improvement, while also contributing to and investing in their own safety and sustainability, which will strengthen your business relationships and increase loyalty.

Win more business

FORS is a guarantee of best practice across your business, and as you progress from Bronze to Gold they are an increasingly useful tool for winning tenders and contracts.

Attract and retain the best people

The business-critical training that drives FORS accreditation shows existing and future employees you’re invested in their safety and development, helping you to attract the best talent… and keep hold of it.

Our FORS management consultants are available all over the UK.

For more information on FORS , please contact a member of our team by emailing: info@huttoncompliance.co.uk or by calling 0151 318 6200 (during normal office hours).


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