UVDB Achilles: Verify

Hutton Compliance can provide your company with practical, no nonsense assistance as you prepare for a UVDB Achilles audit. This is a vital step for companies who plan to tender for contracts from the major utility providers in the UK and further afield.

The Utilities Vendor Database (UVDB) Verify scheme, managed by Achilles, is a list of evaluated and qualified suppliers of services and products to the major utility suppliers in the UK and abroad. Successful completion of the audit enables suppliers to be visible to those major utilities companies who have subscribed to the UVDB Verify scheme. This verification process brings companies the huge benefit of opening the door to tendering for work from these large utility providers.

Why Choose Hutton Compliance for Your UVDB Verify Audit?

Hutton Compliance has extensive experience assisting companies to prepare for and successfully achieve registration and pass the rigorous Utilities Vendor Database (UVDB) audit. The scheme requires suppliers who register for Achilles UVDB Verify to complete a pre-qualification questionnaire which is then verified through a very detailed audit.

The audit covers the aspiring company’s documented management systems for:

  • Health & Safety management systems: ISO 45001-2018 requirements
  • Environmental management systems: ISO 14001-2015 requirements
  • Quality management systems and associated processes: ISO 9001-2015 requirements

The audit process first of all examines the company’s recorded office-based systems. This documentary audit is followed up by a site-based audit, where Hutton Compliance auditors will verify you site is compliant prior to the UVDB audit.

Interpretation of the requirements for acceptance to the Achilles UVDB Verify scheme, completion of the pre-qualification questionnaire and preparation for the audit are daunting to companies who have not previously been involved in this field of formally declaring and being prepared to have their procedures examined rigorously by a third party. This is where Hutton Compliance can help to reduce anxiety, stress, costs and wasted time.

Hutton Compliance Supports Your Management Team’s Achilles UVDB Verify application through the following services:

For companies with an existing, registered and documented management system

  • Gap analysis – to identify areas requiring improvement or further documentation to satisfy UVDB Achilles Verify audit requirements.

For smaller companies, without formal documented systems

  • Establish and document what you actually do.
  • Formalise current arrangements into documented working procedures that will meet Achilles’ and other parties’ requirements.

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